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Stepping into 2014

by | Dec 31, 2013 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Making new paths is difficult. But, walking on well-worn paths can be just as hard, even treacherous.

Living in the “snow belt” of Michigan this winter, I’m particularly attuned to walking paths. I live near the downtown area of Kalamazoo and it is extremely easy to walk to grocery stores, restaurants, a movie theater, my church and a whole host of other local businesses. Well … easy until persistent snow fall covers the sidewalks — some of which are cleared better than others.


The completely cleared paths are pretty easy to maneuver. The reality though is that not everyone can or is able to clear their sidewalks with any regularity. Walkers pack down the snow on those uncleared sidewalks until they become slush after a bit of a thaw, then chunks of thick ice after a hard freeze. The footprints that were once a welcome sight become warning signs of danger beneath. It’s hard to discern exactly what kind of ground onto which you are stepping.

As we all take these first steps into a new year, consider the ground on which you are stepping. What will you do to care for the ground on which you and others may walk? Will the possibility of treacherous ground keep you hunkered down in your home? Or will you step bravely forward, even if it means you might fall?

I look forward to pondering more of these questions with you in 2014. Have a happy and blessed New Year!


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