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Mindful Teams in Times of Change

by | May 14, 2020 | Change Leadership, Creativity, Mindfulness, Organizations | 0 comments

We all know too well what it is NOT. We’ve all been on teams that do not function well: Work teams that are lead by micromanagers or absent or burned out leaders; families that pull away from each other in crisis; any business or organization that’s lost it’s sense of purpose and mission and instead is doing “what they’ve always done because they’ve always done it.” 

I took a poll recently from some of my subscribers asking them what they wanted to change about their teams. I’m curious what you think: What are your dreams for your team/family/group/organization? Take the 1-minute survey below:

In the first few responses I’ve gotten, I’ve heard that people would change their teams to be more:

  • Collaborative
  • Creative 
  • Focused on Purpose

Don’t we all? The reality is that most of us have worked in jobs or lived in families that don’t function ideally. Even when we become the leaders or parents or managers, we think we will do things differently, but thinking we have the answers and knowing the new things to do are two very different things.

In this time of incredible change, it will be even more important that we can be collaborative, creative, and purposeful in what we do. Even though we may have to be physically distant, we don’t have to do this important work alone.


UPDATE: The May 28, 2020 Mindful Team Building Workshop I originally talked about here was great, and good news: I have a NEW, free teamwork series going on. Two more sessions left in my “Mindful Team in Times of Change” series. Join me for one or both of these sessions!

Wednesday, September 23, 2020, 3 – 4:30pmET: Reflection: Working Through Barriers and Discomfort (Pt 2 in the “Mindful Teams in Times of Change” Webinar Series) – FREE + registration is required

Wednesday, September 30, 2020, 3 – 4:30pmET: Growth: Building and Adapting Mindfully (Pt 3 in the “Mindful Teams in Times of Change” Webinar Series” – FREE + registration is required


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