Thrive in change. Defy the trend.

Leadership & Career Coaching

Great leaders and other valuable team members know when to get support.

Think of coaching from Nicole as your best friend giving you honest yet informed opinions, based on decades of experience and supported by mindfulness. (By the way, this is the friend who will not only give you good career advice but also watch your favorite ‘guilty pleasure’ movie with you and tell you you have spinach in your teeth.)

Whether you’re a leader within an organization trying to find the right way to lead during uncertain times or someone trying to figure out how they want to spend their time and energy in the midst of a career shift, Nicole Havelka can lead you through a series of one-on-one sessions to help you celebrate your past while building your future. Nicole has experience with clients seeking to develop leadership skills, manage change processes, through leadership development, learning how to manage difficult teams and tasks, managing and mentoring through crisis, and reconnecting with one’s personal mission.  

In addition to thoughtful, structured discussion, sessions with Nicole include a personalized combination of mindfulness practices, including meditation, yoga, and reiki, to support each client through their discernment process. No cookie cutter solutions here.

Nicole Havelka Consulting is committed to working with all people and communities regardless of race, gender, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status. Discounts are available for group services for black-owned businesses, as well as for individuals who are BIPOC, unemployed, or under-employed.