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Organizational Development

All of the support; none of the stuffiness. 

Nicole Havelka’s approach to helping organizations navigate the biggest and most important issues at hand includes helping teams relax, open up, and reconnect, connecting people with humanity, joy, and humor. Nicole has experience guiding organizations through the digital shift, launching new policies and initiatives, strengthening hiring, recruiting, and retention activities, and reassessing mission, vision, and overall strategy to reach organizational, team, and community goals.

Nicole works with a team to define their vision.When partnering with an organization, Nicole facilitates a series of conversations to assess organizational history, barriers perceived, successes to celebrate, and needs for the future, always creating an experience trailered for the organization’s present needs. In order to decrease anxiety and barriers to creativity, Nicole brings in mindfulness practices as well as use of popular media in order to draw on the power of storytelling to strengthen understanding.

Incorporating mindfulness practices means bringing practices such as meditation, yoga, reiki, and more into the course of organizational development work. Nicole customizes her approach for each organization, ensuring a positive, comfortable, and compassionate engagement. 

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Nicole Havelka Consulting is committed to working with all people and communities regardless of race, gender, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status. Discounts are available for group services for black-owned businesses, as well as for individuals who are BIPOC, unemployed, or under-employed.