Thrive in change. Defy the trend.

Tackling Workplace Challenges

Nicole gets in her zone when tackling tough conversations about rapidly changing situations. As a certified yoga/meditation teacher with more than 20 years of experience in organizational development during times of change, Nicole can help your team come back to the office stronger than ever! All services can be offered either in person or online to meet your comfort level and configuration of your team.

She can customize any of these offerings to meet your team’s needs:

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Mindfulness Classes

Staff and volunteers may be exhausted by the relentless pace of change. Nicole offers restorative yoga, meditation and reiki sessions so that they are rested, renewed and ready to move forward into the next season of work. Give this as a gift to the hard workers in your organization!

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Everyone has an opinion about the “right” way to move forward. Nicole will lead collaborative, calm and productive conversations so that your team goes from seeking one right way to finding a balanced way that can meet your whole team’s needs.

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Team Retreats

Adopting a totally remote or hybrid workplace likely causes stresses and strains in your team. Nicole offers one- or multi-day retreats that build community, renew body and mind, and set goals for the coming season that align with your vision, mission and values.

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Executive leaders and mid-level managers are exhausted from dealing with change and other people’s stress. They could use additional support in the form of Nicole’s signature Mindful Leadership Coaching, combining goal setting, asking powerful questions and instruction in mindfulness —techniques that helps them be the best leaders they can be.

Learn how Nicole can help you approach this transition mindfully.