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Trainings & Retreats

It’s a good time to banish the ghosts of boring workshops with ‘sage on the stage’-style speakers and mini-muffins getting stale on a card table in the back of the room. Nicole Havelka breathes new life into group events with energetic community discussion that respects the knowledge in the room and builds a path toward solutions to today’s problems. 

Whether you’re bringing Nicole in for a customized series of trainings or a full retreat, or if you’re an individual dipping a toe into Nicole’s world by attending one of her free online events, you’ll be instantly relieved to discover that your perspective and questions are welcomed equally, and that Nicole can help you create a ladder to where you want to go next using mission and vision exercises, mindfulness tools, and more that you can take with you wherever you land next.

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Nicole Havelka Consulting is committed to working with all people and communities regardless of race, gender, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status. Discounts are available for group services for black-owned businesses, as well as for individuals who are BIPOC, unemployed, or under-employed.