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What I Do

It’s all about conversations: the ones we have with our teams and the ones we have with ourselves.

Nicole’s most valuable work is in helping teams and individuals develop strategies to weather tough transitions and other times of change. Whether you’re navigating changes in organizational structure, initiatives, policy, leadership, or personal calling, Nicole calls upon both her mindfulness practices and her practical experience to deliver workshops and meeting facilitation that helps people calm down, lean in, and communicate better, allowing their natural creativity to lead them to smart, clear, and actionable plans. 

In order to counter discomfort that can be a barrier to thoughtful discussion and creative solutions, Nicole brings in mindfulness practices to release tension and encourage creativity, including meditation, yoga, and reiki.

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Nicole Havelka Consulting is committed to working with all people and communities regardless of race, gender, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status. Discounts are available for group services for black-owned businesses, as well as for individuals are BIPOC, unemployed, or under-employed.