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The Feat of Grounded Transitions

by | Feb 14, 2019 | Change Leadership | 0 comments

Transitions are part of life or there would be no movement, no growth. So why not learn the graceful dance of transitioning well, even when the circumstances may be dropped upon us as unintended, unwanted change?

I have lived through quite a few transitions, small and large ones. Large ones include international moves, major changes in my field of work, and losses of some people dearest to me. Small ones might be described as raised awareness — about the lives of others who struggle, the power structures that help us and also hurt us, the gradual changing of my body as I age. Large or small, quick or slow, they all have impact in changing me and my relationships.

I teach conflict management and leadership development courses. I coach. I consult about transition and accompanying difficulties we may encounter. I write about “liminal space” which is threshold, or in-between space. I live with the mystery of transition and try to figure out how to navigate it well even when I encounter rapids and rocks in the river of life.

In a world of increasingly fast change, we have to learn to navigate with agility and resilience — and perhaps suffer bruises from the onslaught. To become grounded or centered while moving is quite a feat. That’s what the team of consultants and coaches are here to help you do through Imaginative Transitions. Growing through transitions with an imaginative learning posture puts us in place for deepening and widening the meaning of our lives, no matter our context. I have learned over the decades that one cannot navigate well without someone or a group alongside for the ride. The individuals on this team are committed to the journey that is specific for you individually or a team. Let us know how we can be present with you in ways that serve you best.

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