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Birthday Month Connections

by | Aug 1, 2019 | Change Leadership, Community, Healing, Self Care | 0 comments

August. My Birthday Month.

Every year I get applauded (or sometimes lovingly mocked) for celebrating my birthday for an entire month. Try to hear me out: I try hard not to make this a narcissistic “Me-Fest,” but rather a tool for self-reflection and self-care.

This year, on the dawning of my 46th trip around the sun, I am going to make Birthday Month Connections. I’m going to connect with old friends. If you are such a friend, call, text or email me. Let’s schedule a time to get together — either in person or virtually. I would love that! I want to make new friends. I’m going to commit to going new places and talking to people. Maybe making a new friend or two along the way.

I’m going to make some new professional connections, particularly around my new consulting focus on Mindful Leadership. If you have suggestions of who I might connect with on that front, let me know! By the end of the month, I’d like to schedule at least three new people who want to try Self-Care or Mindful Leadership coaching with me. In your sessions, I can lead you through some new ways that you can staying connected to yourself — yoga, meditation, breath, reiki.

I am going to stay connected to my body — I will continue to swim, bike, run and do yoga. I will drink in every last drop of the summer sun as I can.

I will stay connected to spirit through my meditation and breath practices.

I will help my mind stay less connected and cluttered by cleaning out my inboxes. 16,000 unread emails be gone!

I want to help others stay connected through giving by inviting you to support one of my favorite organizations and their amazing work in Columbus — the Yoga on High Foundation. I am going to give $46 for my birthday. I encourage you to give as you are able. They help bring yoga to people who most need it — veterans, abused women, prisoners, cancer patients and survivors. Yoga has saved me over and over again. I know more yoga with those who have experienced trauma and illness will make them individually and our community a better place because of it.

I encourage you to make your own connections this month. What would that look like? How would you  become more connected to yourself, your spirit, your body, your community?


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